Guest Reviews

“Best BBQ either of us have had outside the house”

Best BBQ outside of our houseI have never thought there was any reason ever to stop in Fife, WA.

Until last night.

The fiance and I were on our way to the Emerald Queen for a concert and we had some time for dinner, so I did a websearch from my phone for local restaurants. Based on reviews, we decided on Warthog BBQ Pit… and HOLY CRAP.

Seriously, this was the best BBQ that either of us have had outside the house (fiance’s ribs are pretty amazing) ever in the history of ever.
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“My Mouth is Still Watering From the Fantastic Flavor”

Never been disappointedI have visiting The Warthog since 2009 and have always had great food. I tried their smoked Prime Rib last weekend and my mouth is still watering from the fantastic flavor. (The also have the best french fries but ask for them to be Crisp (Dick Lynch style)…

I have only had smoked Prime Rib one other time (in Florida) and I vowed never ever to try it again. Well I have begun to trust the fine folks at the Warthog and my trust paid off.
I have tried many different BBQ meals at the Warthog and have never been disappointed. If the restaurant was a little larger or laid out better, this would be a 5 star review, all day long!
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“I Love Warthog Barbeque.”

I luv Warthog!I love Warthog Barbeque. All of their meat has a strong smoke flavor, and their barbeque sauce is way better than anything you can buy at the store. Get the ribs. They are all very meaty and perfectly cooked. And the same rib dinner that Famous Dave would charge $20 for, here is only $13 including 2 sides!

It is not a fancy sit down place, but the food more than makes up for it.
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“Fast and Friendly Service and Reasonable Prices”

Fast and friendly serviceThe Warthog is a real food place. We got the Moo, Oink, Cluck and all three were good, but we liked the chicken the best, followed by the ribs, followed by the pork. Fast and friendly service and reasonable prices. This would be a good place to get take-out for a fast and easy backyard get-together.
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“The Aroma Wafting From the Kitchen Will Make You Hungry”

Smokey GoodnessThe Warthog has become a tradition for my ex-hunting partner and me. A former Tacoman, he now comes all the way from his home on the Big Island of Hawaii to meet me there at least annually. I trek all the way down I-5 from Bothell on the other side of Seattle. (Watch the speed trap cameras as you make the turn into 20th.)

The Warthog Barbecue is about as comfortable as your favorite old pair of shoes. The décor is rustic, a fake log cabin exterior, mounted animal heads, and things like a mirror mounted on a horse collar in the unisex bathroom. When you walk in the door the aroma wafting from the kitchen will make you hungry. The menu will quickly take care of that.
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“The Meat Falls off the Bone”

I luv Warthog!I have been to many bbq places in WA. The best ribs I have had are at Warthogs Barbeque pit in Fife. The ribs are tender and the meat falls off the bone. You don’t even need to pick the ribs up cause you can just pick the meat off with a fork. Other than all the stuffed dead animal trophies all over the walls and ceiling(I’m not into hunting) its a pretty cool place, very rustic. Oh yeah.
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“One Hell of a BBQ Joint!”

It's one hell of a BBQ joint!This place is one hell of a BBQ joint! I don’t get south of Seattle often but Warthog is a worthy stop.

The Moo, Cluck, Oink is the bomb tip off! Only $9.95 for half a chicken, pork ribs, beef brisket, baked beans, potato salad and corn bread! Insane! It is so good! The smoke is in the meats, not bad meat hidden with sauce!

The porterhouse steak is as good or better then anything in Seattle for two or three times the price!!

If you are on a road trip or just close by this place is a must!!
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“Their meat is Outstanding”

Smokey GoodnessI have used Warthog to cater more than 15 events in the last 4 years. Their meat is outstanding. My favorites are the beef brisket, hand made, spicy sausage and pulled pork. I can not speak to their BBQ sauce as I eat the meat without it. To me, the quality of meat is most important and Warthog’s is divine. The meat is moist, tender and bathed in smoky goodness. Their “nasty rice” is outstanding and heats up well for leftovers. Their corn bread is very good as is the pecan pie. They have full-service catering available, options include  table and chair rentals, special menu requests and buffet set-up and staffing. No one ever left one of my Warthog catered events hungry or unhappy…covered in BBQ sauce maybe, but always satisfied.
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“It was 1000x better than 3 pigs”

Good pricesWhen we got there the place was EMPTY at 1pm on a weekday.  I thought great but within 10 minutes at least 20 people had come in and ordered.  After reading all the reviews, I decided to go with the pulled pork sandwich (ok – not a huge pork fan and love my swimming in BBQ sauce, which I had to go find and put on myself). I really liked the BBQ sauce.  The sweet, salty fries were actually quit addicting.  The beans were good but odd – HUGE pieces of ham hock and onions.  Corn bread excellent.

The restaurant was cute – they do their log cabin theme well inside and out.  It was $14 for me and the little one.  I definitely want to go back and try the brisket (it’s probably what I should have ordered to begin with) and some different sides.  It was 1000x better than 3 pigs (and way more reasonably priced for the quality and the quantity).
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